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Michael Giron

Submitted by:
Michael Giron
Project Description:

You have probably noticed the mural arts corridor developing along Leavenworth Street in Omaha, between Elmwood Park and downtown. I have personally worked on three murals in this area: on Jim’s Seek and Save Antiques, Exclusive Honda Repair and, most notably, the Avanza Supermarket on Park at Leavenworth, which was created in partnership with artist Richard Harrison.

How the award will be used?

This funding request is for one or two mural projects which I am developing with the small business owners of Mother India Restaurant and Midwest Photo Pro, both of which have marginal budgets for public art projects. The design possibilities for Mother India intend to spotlight the presence of Indian culture and cuisine in this midtown neighborhood. The Photo Pro design would attract attention to a row of small shops and promote the viability of pure design in public art.

The primary needs for funding are preparation of walls (power washing, healing and priming), materials, rental of equipment such as lifts (if necessary), development of design, menial and artistic labor. Most local business and property owners cannot afford the full cost, though they support and are willing to provide the wall space for a public mural.

Why is this project Important?

 to beautify distressed properties and areas; to bring visibility to small businesses and boost local economies; to marry the efforts of organizations like Emerging Terrain to promote pedestrian and bicycle traffic in this area; to represent cultural diversity (Mother India Restaurant); to stimulate viewers through design and promote art itself ( Midwest Photo Pro).